Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So We Lost.

So it happened – we lost the pitch. I’ve have gone through the variety of emotions of stunned, anger, frustration and grief.  We were given the opportunity to relocate to Dallas, TX so I could work at the main office but decided to turn that down due to cost of living and lack of a good insurance plan. While I would keep my salary…it wouldn’t have the same impact as living here and would serve more as a Band-Aid rather than a long range plan.

This leaves me back at square one. I’ve updated my resume and started to network again. Many of the jobs here are never posted but instead are announced by word of mouth. I hope I can play this game right and have a job in time before I’m officially unemployed in October.

To leave this post on a positive note, Baby M is doing great! We were officially released from our IVF doctor last Friday and will now visit our regular doctor from this point forward. I do realize how lucky we are in all of this. I can replace a job but I cannot replace a child.