Tuesday, June 26, 2012

House Equity

Having great friends are essential. Having a great friend how is a divorce lawyer is even better considering the situation that my family is in as she can give the best advice with my true interest at heart. One key tip that she gave us was to check out the equity in the home to see if my father had given away that money as well.

Equity in the home? No way. He wouldn’t give away the value of the home in addition to not paying the mortgage.

But he did to the tune of only leaving $10K LEFT in the home. So my parents are beyond being upside down in their home. My sister just emailed me that if they continued to work and paid an extra $280 each month, they might be done paying off the home in 2026. Swell.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Bank.


The bank showed up at the front door of my parent’s home this weekend with a late notice. When trying to explain this to my sisters, the best example that I could come up with is Lynne Curtin from the Housewives of the OC. Embarrassment does not completely cover the cringe worthy feelings that I had when I was called with the news.


I PRAY that this was enough of a  sign to get my mother’s attention that she needed to fix this problem.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Con-Artist Is Back

Dad of the Year
So India strikes again. This weekend my sisters and I discovered that my father truly did not stop his emotional relationship with a much younger co-worker. Instead, he lied to us and continued to text India throughout the year. How he got caught is that he is so behind on his bills that he has a zero bank account and because he has a joint account with my mother, drained my mother’s personal account in the process.

That is how we discovered that my father stopped paying the mortgage payment three months. On top of that, he’s not paid most of the bills in the last three months AND took out eight pay-day loans. Yep – you read that right – eight pay-day loans. Why? To make sure India (who currently lives at a hotel) has a place to sleep, clothes, etc. and serving as a sugar daddy to her. The only problem is he doesn’t have any money so he’s borrowing on top of debt to keep this other woman happy.

So basically, my dad is idiot.

On Saturday, my sisters and my mother came to my house to create a game plan for my mother. This time around, the situation is more business than it is emotional. Not only has my father taken out numerous loans, he took out two credit cards in the last year in my mother’s name.

Of course he would.

Luckily, I do have a divorce lawyer who is a dear friend and ironically, I took out to lunch twelve hours before I found out about the new situation with my dad. (How’s that for timing?) She was gracious enough to come to our house to talk to my mom face to face. It was nice to have an outside voice reiterate what her daughters had been telling her for the last few hours. My mother will face financial hardships if she stays married to my dad or if she separates but if she separates then my dad can stop taking advantage of her.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dental Insurance

When I changed jobs in December, Mr. M and I decided that I would go on his insurance due to the infertility issues. Because of this decision, we somehow decided not to get dental insurance which I forgot about until I went to the dentist last week. Hello surprise $160 appointment fee! I guess as a bonus prize, my dentist found a cavity which I need to get fixed. So now we need the insurance and I’m shopping around. Any suggestions?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A shrinking snowball!

May was a very, very busy month for Mr. M and I with the doctor's appointment, work travel, R&R travel and finishing my spring semester and beginning summer session...it really did fly by.

What did not stop was our attack on our debt snowball as I am happy to report that we are under $12,000 with a grand total of


We've paid off $26,671.82 as of yesterday in debt. Of our current debt, $2,500.38 is a credit card and a pledge and the rest is my undergraduate loan.

We're finally seeing the light and it is NOT an oncoming train! Pandora must of know that I was celebrating as this was the first song of the day. Happy Thursday!