Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gives me the willies.

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Today, I had plan to right this short little post telling you all that I indeed was offered the second job and then lunch happened. Don't worry - I did get the job and will start with my first wedding in April but the bottom fell out of my day {so to speak} during my lunch break.

When we came home last week from Denver, Mr. M and I noticed that our bedroom smelled well...funky. I thought it was maybe some towels that were left in the hamper but it wasn't the laundry. We thought that maybe our humidifier had gotten musty and needed to be clean. Nope - not that. It wasn't until today that I discover the issue. A mouse.

A disgusting, furry, god-knows-where-it's-has been mouse. I have no idea if it has friends hanging out in our house.

{Just writing this gives me the willies.}

We're not sure how the mouse got in, how it died {maybe one of our cats killed it?} and how long it's been there beyond the five days we've been home. Seriously gross. Mr. M has called an exterminator {thank goodness for our emergency fund} and they are suppose to come out this afternoon. So insane.

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  1. I got the willies from reading this... ((shuddders))