Thursday, July 19, 2012

Buying a car...

So here’s a confession – I’m not sure how to buy a car from a dealership. That sounds crazy right? The reason for this is due to the fact that I have always bought my car from friends of the family or from newspaper ads. So, going to a car dealership and trying to negotiate a professional is a bit of a game changer for us.

We have really saved to buy Mr. M’s car in cash and ironically, when we say “cash buyer”, the car dealers look at us as we are speaking a foreign language. Yes – we want to buy a car and no we do not need financing.

I will have been amazed by the different sellers that we have encountered and the variety of questions that we’re asked. Only one of the four has asked if we have a car to trade in and only another has shown us the safety features of a car.

It’s all a little eye opening.


  1. I would tell them nothing. Get the contract for as little as possible. Don't be afraid to walk away and then ask how much less for cash.

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