Friday, October 10, 2014

How is it October already?

I just saw on Facebook today that there are only 75 days until Christmas y'all. Where has 2014 gone?

We are happy to report that we had a little boy (T for this blog) back in March! God is so good and we are beyond thankful to this little blessing that we wake up to each morning. He is a fabulous baby and watching him grow and learn each day is amazing...just amazing.

Financially, we're getting back to our mission of being a debt free family. My work looms with conspiracy theories of Recession 2.0 in the next few months (which by the news out Europe is probably more true than fiction) so we are even more driven to get our financial house in order now. I will not go through what I did in 2008 and make the same mistakes again. I just can't.

Which made me think, if you could talk to your pre-2008 self, what would you say? This morning, Mr. M and I discussed our retirement steps. We still need to plan for retirement as much as we can even if we only have a little money to spare.

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