Tuesday, December 14, 2010


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This weekend was full of school celebrations. The first was my baby sister graduating from college! Even on a cold {seriously cold} day in December, it was wonderful to get our whole family together to watch the youngest member of the family achieve her dreams.  Mr. M and I stuck to our No-Dining-Out plan by packing a picnic to eat for lunch after we drove the several hours to the University. I wanted to eat outside on campus but due to the wind and temperatures, we nixed that and ate in the car. Very 1960s of us...but we're trying to stick to our guns on the NDO this month.

The other great news is that I made a 4.0 this semester in grad school and received the highest grade in my research class. So, so excited! I'm paying for this degree completely in cash so it will take me longer but I think, in the long run, will be more rewarding when I'm not faced with a monthly bill.

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  1. Congrats all around!

    I, too, paid for my grad degree in cash and looking back it was SO worth it. You won't ever regret that decision, I promise.