Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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Last night was an interesting night for Mr. M and I as someone tried to break into our home while we were sleeping.  Not to sound like an elitist but we live in an affluent neighborhood (which *ahem* is why we're working on our debt snowball to begin with) which is located in a small city.  It's a great place to live so to have an intruder try to get into our master bedroom last night was a little unnerving. Luckily, the police arrived in record time and monitored our street for a while to make sure the intruder didn't come back.

Ironically, we had discussed discontinuing our alarm system for the next year as a way to pay more towards our debt snowball.  That plan has officially been nixed.


  1. Oh my gosh, that's scary! I am glad you are safe. It is especially scary that they tried to get into your master bedroom where, I assume, you were.

  2. Yeah - it was unnerving especially since it happened during the middle of the night. People are crazy this time of year.