Friday, February 4, 2011

Future Planning.

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Mr. M and I have talked about our future plans which does include little ones. We both were lucky as our mothers were able to stay at home with us which is a practice that I would like to follow.  In efforts to make preparations for this, we sat down and looked at our budget.  Currently, there is no way for me be a stay at home mom and adequately provide for a child - we simply can not live off of Mr. M's income.

While initially this bummed me out, I am glad that we took a moment to do this now while I'm not pregnant giving us time to be proactive.  Now I'm looking for part time jobs that I can do from home or adjunct professor openings at our local colleges.  I know that you can never fully be financially prepared for a child unless...well...your Donald Trump but I would like us to try. My reasoning is that if you are told that you should have a medical exam before you become pregnant then why should you not take a hard look at your financials.

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