Thursday, September 1, 2011

32 in 90

A few days ago while listening to Dave Ramsey; he said something that stuck with me about setting a goal and trying to achieve it. Even if you don’t make it by your set deadline, don’t beat yourself up over it as long as you made an efficient attempt at it. I’m paraphrasing here but I did set a goal to lose 32 pounds by Thanksgiving. I started this little journey last week and thankfully lost 3 pounds.

To motivate me more, I have a wipe board with the number that I need to lose in our bedroom so I see the number every day. The idea is that it will keep me accountable since the number is in print. We use the same board for our debt so all the ugly numbers are in one place.

On the anger moment from a few days ago, I am still struggling with that emotion. I’ll wake up to work out and suddenly become enraged by something small on the way home.

God help my poor husband.

In trying to get a handle on this bitter monster that I’ve become, I attended a free yoga class hosted by our library. During the class, the teacher told us to count to three and release what ever was bothering us at the time. It reminded me of the Steve and Carl scene from Family Matters. I can’t find the video that will allow me to embed it on this blog but you can view it here.

Say it with me: 3, 2, 1…1, 2, 3…what the heck is bothering me?

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