Thursday, December 22, 2011

Advice needed.

One of my close friends and neighbors has been searching for a job for a while…as in three years.  She left her old position to move with her husband when he was stationed at Ft. Hood. When he was sent on a mission overseas, she moved back to the East Coast and I was excited to have her home. Since she spent a year not working, I thought it would be a little difficult for her to find a job.  Who was I kidding? It was during the Recession so it was unfortunately a lot harder than we both thought. So, trying to be good friends, Mr. M and I tried every connection we had to land her a job and it finally worked a year ago.  She lasted at the job 4 months and hated it the whole time…which she preceded to tell us over and over.

Eventually, she was fired from that job in April of this year and again back searching for a job.  Then in November, she took a part time job at a local wine shop that was offered to her from a mutual friend.  She also went to our favorite local gift store (you know the time...locally owned by a very cute lady with cute but slightly over priced items) and was also offered a job there. I was elated for her! Finally, she would have some income.

Well, she quit both of them in less than two weeks.

That’s when I lost my cool. Am I wrong to think that she can’t complain about not having a job, even a job with a “title” to me anymore since she refuses to work? I feel that you have to do all that you can do to keep the lights on and food on the table.

Am I wrong in this? Since her last job fiasco, I had some pretty strong words for her when she started to complain to me (again) about not being able to find a job “with a title” in the last year.  My thought is that if you stay at home, only turn in job applications and you make no effort to follow up or network with that company, then it is your own fault for not having a job that has a title.


  1. well I agree with you :)
    I've done all kinds of odd jobs to pay the bills over the years, cleaning, delivering phamplets, shelf packing just to name a few. We do what we have to do to pay the bills and provide for our families, yep the title is nice and so is good pay but sometimes you just have to take whats available.

  2. You're not wrong. She wants not just a job. She wants a 'title' job. And she wont 'sink' to do the little jobs. I don't think she is aware of what's going on these days, but if you've given her a hand and she's slapped it, then fine. I would still be there for her, but when she tunes into the whole complaining program, I'd change the channel or leave.

  3. I agree with you. If she needed income so bad, then she should be at least trying to stick it out at a job.

  4. No, you are not wrong. And you should not feel bad for saying something to her.

  5. I would be highly upset if she complained. Not everyone has the job of their dreams. I am working two jobs right now. She needs to grow up.

  6. I agree with the others. Sometimes we do things we don't like because we have no other choice. A job is a job these days. If you can quit/get fired from 3 jobs in less than a year you don't feel you "need" to work obviously. I bet her husband is pretty frustrated with her as well as others. Plus you put your neck out trying to help get her a job and she wasn't the least bit grateful. I'd have done the same thing with the harsh but truthful words.

  7. Thank you all! I'm glad that I wasn't too far in the left field on this one.