Friday, December 30, 2011

New Frustrations

This week I decided to take my car to a paint shop to fix a few of the spots where the paint was coming off. Mr. M worked on getting quotes for me so I could do this during the holiday week since I was going travel less.

We decided on Maaco which was a bad decision. The car wasn't ready when they promised so I had to wait until they closed to get my car which meant I had to inspect it in the dark. When I asked for some extra light - like a flashlight - they didn't have one. So Mr. M and I thought everything looked okay and drove it home.

Now, we live less than a mile from Maaco so I didn't think much of it when my radio didn't work well. Then when I got out of the car, I realized my antenna was missing. We also found a few new pain scratches on my car that weren't there before I took it in.

Needless to say I am VERY upset because this was a special treat and reward to myself for paying of my car early. Now I have a larger mess to fix. Morale of the story - avoid Maaco no matter how broke you are.


  1. Ouch. Is there warranty on that car? Are you taking it back for them to fix what they broke? The least they can do is return your car to its original state, and give you some free services! Sheesh. I hope they come through even when they have failed so bad.

  2. Can't you get them to fix it? With what they spend on national advertising you would think they would stand behind their product.