Thursday, October 18, 2012

Answering Questions

Quick post to answer a few questions/things I learned about the car. Thank you to everyone for the positive vibes - I really appreciate them.

1. How much did it cost? With all the rebates, a little over 19K. We are able to use the credit union to reduce the price to a supplier price and then stacked a GMC competitor rebate and a trade in along with it being the end of the month is what helped us reduce it by $5,500.  The GMC competitor rebate worked since I drive a car that is not within the GMC family.

2. Research - sounds simple but it helps when trying to negotiate price.  We knew that Mr. M's car could only drive a few miles so that only gave us a few dealerships to price compare but it was helpful.

3. If you find a dealership that you do like, tell them what you want and that you're a cash buyer. Our car wasn't on the lot as they got the shipment and called us. I never knew this but a friend mentioned it to us and it was a very helpful tip.

The "new car smell" is great and I can tell Mr. M is pretty happy.