Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jesus Take The Wheel

It's funny but that's the phrase my yoga instructor used today. I've confided in her about IVF (to make sure that I don't go into a pose in class that could hurt my chances) and she has been extremely helpful these past few days.

How I felt when they told me about my car.
She was saying this to me after I told her that my car died yesterday and we may have to get another car ASAP which is not in our financial plan. Our original plan was to start saving up to replace my car next month and get at least half of the cost of a car by next summer. Due to my extensive traveling, I have to have a reliable car and now my husband's car has become my car.

Sigh. If it's not one thing...it's another.

I'm still on medicine and had to order more (more $$) this week. Everything was rocking along until yesterday and now I can't eat solid foods. While it has been great on the diet, I'm just tired of feeling sick.

Every day I pray that this works. It has to work.

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