Monday, January 31, 2011


We’re rolling…

The snowball is rolling…rolling down one bit at a time which reminds me of that Tina Turner song.

We did make it under $30,000 by 2011 and currently right now, we have $27,852.54 in debt. So far we have reduced our debt down by $16,251.71 and our credit card with the highest interest rate {evil Capital One with a really fun 18%} is $2454.89.

Here’s the breakdown

Student Loan: $10,207.88
Credit Card #1: $7,631.17
Car Loan: $4,846.48
Credit Card #2: $2,454.89
Credit Card #3: $1,882.12
Non-Profit Pledge: $730.00
Non-Profit Pledge: $100
Bank Loan Closed – 8/27/10
Credit Card #1 – Closed 7/27/10


  1. I just realized that you hate Capital One as much as I do!!! :D