Monday, January 3, 2011

Where we crawl…

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Happy 2011! I’d like to say stand but we’re not completely financially free yet. We did make a great deal of progress in the last six months to the tune of $5,368.75.

Back in July {when I started this blog} we were $33,837.53 in debt. Now, we have $28,468.78, which is a great distance from the $44,104.25 we had when we got married in 2009.

We had two NDO months – one in August and one in December – that allowed us to place more towards debt. I started selling books on Amazon and using coupons more than ever before. {Yes, I’m that geek with a binder…but I’m going to be a rich geek one day}

While it is a great deal of money, there is a sense of ease amongst Mr. M and me as we begin this next year. Here is our main goal for this year:

Pay off all the credit card debt
This is currently $12,214.04. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is called September! We do plan to buckle down and attack this debt with a vengeance as we both plan to take odd jobs or sell stuff to reach this goal.

I’d love to pile on other goals but this is really our focus for the next year and we can totally do this.

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