Monday, March 5, 2012

Online Banking

How often do you visit your bank online? I’m sitting on a conference call for work and just heard that on average, 25% of online users visit their online bank site each day. With all of my issues with my personal bank, I fall into that category as I religiously check my account daily. There are days that I check it several times.

According to my work presentation, nearly as many people bank online as visit social networking sites. How interesting is that? Do you think that it’s due to the economy or are we more hyper-aware of what is going on with our bank account because we have more access to it due to the Internet?


  1. I think internet access and also people are on the edge financially and have to be aware. A .10 mistake can put many into a tail spin overdraft.

  2. I'm a compulsive checker of my online banking...