Monday, May 16, 2011


So Thursday, Mr. M and I were hit with a blow to our debt snowball. Over the past year we have been TTC and finally decided to go to the doctor. After a couple rounds of tests, we were told that we are “abnormal” as our doctor so eloquently put it and have a 1% change of having a baby naturally.

We were referred to an urologist and have a meeting with him next Wednesday. He will determine if we’re even eligible for ICSI, a higher form of IVF. If we not a considered a “good candidate” for ICSI then our other option is adoption.

Frankly, the last four days have been emotional. It wasn’t until today that we started coming to terms with the financial side of the process as we received our first two bills totally around $800. I’m quickly trying to get up to speed on our insurance coverage to know that we have to pay for and what we should appeal. It’s so overwhelming and I’m trying really hard to take the emotion part out of it and look solely on the financial side of our…well problem.

We wanted to be debt free when we had our first child and in my Type-A land, were on track to do so by the end of this year. Now, I feel that we’re going to have to make a very hard decision of waiting until all of our debt is cleared up and I start this process at the age of 31 or go full force now. With age being an issue in getting pregnant and staying pregnant, I fear that waiting will only make the problem worse.

Oh what to do…


  1. I am sorry for your dilemma. It is expensive, but worth it if you can conceive. Have you thought about adopting? Get started right away and remember miracles happen everyday.

  2. That is such disappointing news, but you don't know what fate has in store for you. Hang in there, no matter how you become a parent, I am sure you will be a great one!