Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Ray of Sunlight

Last night, Mr. M and I stayed up comparing health insurance plans to see if his upcoming urologist appointment would be covered by insurance. Since most of this lingo is over my head {like way over}, we decided that he would call his doctor's office this morning to see what the worse case scenario would be if we had to cover the visit.

I also met with my HR department head and told her our dilemma. Her response, "you're my first infertility case” and of course I had to laugh...great…we're both a little clueless. Luckily, this looks to work out in my favor since she wants to learn about the process, doesn't assume the role of a know-it-all and genuinely wants to help. I've had two calls from her and an e-mail since our meeting on how she's contacting the insurance company for us to help with the bills. Her actions have made me feel a little bit better.

We've only told two people about this so far - Mr. M's co-worker E who has gone through the same process two years ago and my HR director. Our initial plan was to wait a few weeks, process this news and then tell our family. That plan has been scrapped as we are meeting with my parents tomorrow and his family over the weekend. I fear that they think we're going to tell them that we're pregnant and not the other way around. A little nervous about this because I’m not sure how they’re going to react initially.

The positive side is that we do have a good team of friends around us {when we do start telling people} that are knowledgeable in the infertility process as well as health benefits. My mother works as a benefits specialist for a school district and we have a friend who just finished IVF that handles health care administration. When I count up the amount of infertile couples I know, I run out of fingers so I have a group to go to that understands what I'm going through and hopefully can guide me through some part of this process.

I still cry randomly and will need to work on that but I'm feeling much better than I did a few days ago.

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  1. This is all going to work out. It will take time. But I have a good feeling about this and trust me, it will be resolved. Hugs