Monday, May 23, 2011


 Last week I did ask my boss about a raise for my position. My job is a government job and so our pay is public and listed by pay grades. When the job was posted, it became apparent to myself {and the free world} that the job was in a grade a few higher than mine. Even though the range of pay is different by a few thousands, there are perks with each grade so it is important.

The final straw was on Tuesday when I was asked several times by different people about the job and it became apparent that someone with less experience/less education had a strong possibility of being hired. Why? They could pay them less and still fufill the role.

My other reason is that the new person would be taking some of my responsibilities. If they're willing to pay that person more to do what I do, then I feel I should receive the same level of pay. The conversation went well as I stuck to the facts - I've worked here for 5 years and during the time accomplished A,B and C. I'm pursuing a Masters in this field {that they are paying some for} and bring additional knowledge to the table than I did 5 years ago. We'll see how this will pay out and I do hope for the best.

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  1. Keep pushing, all they can say is no. You have made your point and it will make them think. Even if you don't get the raise and I think you will in time at least you have spoke your mind and that can make all the difference.