Monday, May 9, 2011

California Or Bust?

What an insane week. I had an art installation downtown and my final exam all on the same day so my world was a tad nuts.

Now that both of those tasks are over, I can now focus on something fun like our anniversary trip. Late last year, I won a free round trip ticket and we have decide to use it for the vacation.  This is one of the few things that I won't budge on. Call me childish, selfish, etc. but I really feel that we don't take a week to unplug and break the daily cycle, we'll get burned out.

So now we're trying to plan a trip to California on a $2,000 budget  which is a good bit harder than I thought it would be to coordinate. Last year, we went a week to Florida on $1,700 so I know we can book a fun tip on a small budget.

Any tips you all would like to share? Are there cheaper areas of California than others?

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