Monday, June 27, 2011


I realize for some it's a long way off (less than six months as of this last weekend) but for someone who has to watch every penny she spends during the holidays - it is quickly approaching.

My 2011 budget is set with suggested amounts for each family member and friends. Nothing major but those $10 gifts here and $20 gifts there add up. I'm also looking into buying food boxes or bags now for that Christmas in July sale if efforts to save money. Last year, I spent basically nothing on my godson due to using coupons and sales which what I aim to do again.

So like I said, it is early to think about snow and the holidays but what do you do
to plan early for the Holidays?

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  1. Not a thing, I will do my usual panic after the Nutcrackers closes. I will have two shows that will be back to back so I will have money and will not debt. But I can't think about Christmas the whole month gives me a headache. Too busy. too much just too!