Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On Pins and Needles...

This is the week that we should find out Mr. M’s test results from the urologist. I thought they would have called us by now but for some reason they have not. Mr. M wants to wait until tomorrow but of course I want to call right this instant to see what the results were and what our next steps will be for the future. I feel like I’m in a holding pattern since we’re not sure financially what our plan is for the next few months.

Right now, this is the skeleton financial plan:

1. Finish paying of the Credit Card #1 as planned

2. Save up $500 towards Mr. M’s deductible (which we did as of last week) so we have cash in hand.

3. Work out a payment plan with the medical offices in case the bills arent’ covered by insurance (as of right now I have two being battled out with the insurance company…lovely).

Our skeleton emotional support plan is this:

1. Figure out what the heck is wrong with us and then tell family and friends.

2. Find a therapist.

The reason for number 2 is that I had a massive crying spell on Sunday out of no where (I mean really…I’m watching Finding Nemo and folding laundry and randomly start crying and could not stop). Mr. M needs someone who is strong and while we can play the “we’re strong for each other game” for a while, I’m going to need someone else to vent to besides the guy who’s dealing with the medical issue. Luckily, my work provides Employee Assistance with issues like ours and I called today. Hopefully I can schedule an appointment soon.

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