Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I try to ignore the news channels when they go into a tail spin about the economy, lack of jobs, etc. However, I do notice a change if food prices and that’s how I know that things are well…not the greatest.

Last night, I went grocery shopping for our food the next two weeks. Our budget is $60 total and I over spent by $5. Why? The cost of the basics (milk, eggs, rice, etc.) has gone up due to I’m guessing either the rise in the cost of gas, a double dip Recession fear or both.

I guess it’s time to get creative with my meal planning.


  1. I hear you. And gas is going back up... AGAIN! Grrrrrrrr!

  2. I read an article about a month ago. I will try to find the link for you. That gas prices will follow Europe and soon be $10 a gallon.... WOW.... Also I noticed that coupons in the Sunday paper are a bit meek... We do have to be more creative to find ways to budget...