Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Southern Visiting

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th! We traveled to North Carolina to see Kaye and Jack, a couple which are like family to Mr. M and me and spent the weekend seeing their new home and town. Kaye and I were roommates after college and both got engaged to our husbands while we lived together. Jack and Mr. M are really good friends (they both work in sports) so getting together is a real treat and we were bummed when they decided to move to North Carolina so Jack could run a baseball team.

This is why when Mr. M proposed that we go and see them out of the blue two weeks ago, I didn’t hesitate and carved out some money to create a very small trip budget. Probably not the smartest money move but we stayed within budget spending most of our money on gas. Since they live in a town with only a gas station and no stop light (a big change from when Kaye and I lived downtown together), our meals were cooked at home. They now live on a farm so our entertainment was learning about the different crops, feeding the chickens or actually sitting and talking on the front porch. Mr. M called it real “Southern visiting”.

The beauty of it all is that when we left, we still had money left over and had such a relaxing time. It was such a change of pace and energized Mr. M and I to really tackle our debt for the next six months which is all we talked about for the six hour drive home.

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