Friday, July 1, 2011

Over 50%

OMG You all - We are over half-way there!

We have paid $22,347.79 down on our debt snowball and our original debt was $44,104.25! As of today, we have $21,756.46 which is still a good deal but I know we can do it. Our goal is to have all of our the credit cards paid off by December.

Here’s the breakdown:

Student Loan: $ 9,714.48
Credit Card #1: $ 7321.77
Car Loan: $ 3,459.33
Credit Card #2 – PAID 4/22/11
Credit Card #3: $1,882.12
Non-Profit Pledge: $700.00
Non-Profit Pledge – Paid 3/25/11
Bank Loan Closed – 8/27/10
Credit Card #1 – Closed 7/27/10

Total:$ 21,756.46

In other fun news…I tried to make an additional payment to Credit Card #1 and received this message. A sign that I’m doing something right.


  1. Good job, I knew those nasty CC companies were going to start not allowing extra payments. See snowflaking is a National obsession and we are getting to them.

  2. Congratulations on reaching the halfway mark!!!