Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby Dreams

With all of the work changes, our baby dreams have been placed on a temporary hold at least on my end. I still want a child but I realize that our family has been handed a huge blessing in the last few weeks so I enjoying the moments of gratefulness...if that makes sense.

Our next doctor's appointment is in October to see how Mr. M is doing on medication. I'm hopeful that they'll tell us that we're candidates for IUI or having a baby the good ol' fashion way.  If not, then we'll move to IVF or adoption. Thankfully, God has provided this job for me with a little extra pay so we could possibly afford those medical costs.

My mother told me last week that all of this will fall into place and with the new job we will have what we want which is a child of our own.  No matter the path, I just want us to be financially ready for it as much as we can be through that journey.

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