Wednesday, August 17, 2011

House Parties

Let’s talk about house parties for a second shall we? In the last few months, I've seen more invites to a jewelry, home goods or clothing house parties hosted by my friends or friends of friends. Of course these parties are for things that I simply don’t need (nor can afford) but even if I decline, people still send me invites. I realize that it’s not me that they care about attending but more it’s my checkbook that they want to see walking in through the front door.

I get it – we’re all trying to make a little bit of money. Truly, I can applaud their efforts to earn extra income but I still feel a little leery of using my friends to gilt trip them into giving me money. My work out buddy, let’s call her Pam, told me once that she feel obligated to attend these parties even if there is nothing to buy.

At what point do you tap your friends out of every dime they have?


  1. I do not go to parties period. I do not have them. You really cannot make money from these adventures. Every time I see a young woman sign up for Avon or Mary Kay I cringe. Most do not make it, they become their own customer to keep up their sales quota. I remember about 25 years ago I was a poor house wife living in Wyoming and parties were the rage. I had no money but a girl friend insisted that I come for the fun. I went and the hostess passed out the order forms and I said I wasn't going to buy anything, in a very rude voice in front of every one she said, "then why did you come?" needless to say that was my last party. Do not go, and discourage these companies every chance you get. They victimize the needy and stupid.

  2. I am with you. I have gone to a few and I always feel obligated to buy something. I stopped going for that reason too.