Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A little bit before 2 pm

When I sat down earlier to work on today’s post, I had mentally planned to tell you about how our city was preparing for Hurricane Irene, how we are working on a back-up plan in case the storm decides to grace our front door and a story of how my husband is a Hugo survivor.

Then a little bit before 2 pm rolled around and everything changed.

My co-workers and I had just wrapped up the “what do we do when this hurricane hits” conversation when an unexpected earthquake hit. We’re many miles (states even) away from the epicenter but our area was still affect.

After texting loved ones here and in D.C. to make sure they were okay, I jumped on Facebook (which I think almost everyone did on the East Coast), I saw this post on a friend’s page.

“Thanks earthquake for reminding me to "live for today, for yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come"... Lilly Pulitzer Charm Bracelet and Murfee Scarf from the end of summer sale = PURCHASED! :)”

My friend is correct, we should live for today but not if it means throwing our money away. I do wonder how many people’s lives in Washington, D.C. will change either spiritually or financially because of what occurred today.

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