Friday, October 15, 2010

Debt Snowball...It's Rolling...

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Current Numbers:

Student Loan: $10,489.19

Credit Card #1: $7,599.90

Auto Loan: $5,724.81

Credit Card #2: $3626.99

Credit Card #3: $1,870.38

Non-profit Pledge: $830.00

Bank Loan Closed 8/27/10

Credit Card #4 Closed 7/27/10

Total: $30,141.27

A year ago this month is when Mr. M and I had our "what-in-the-world-are-we-doing?" moment when it came to our finances as we realized that we were $44,104.25 in debt. Now we've paid close to $14,000 off in debt ($13,962.98 as of today but we still have a few more bills for October) and are much more in tuned to our finances as a married couple than ever before. Not bad for a couple that's only been married for a little less than a year and a half.

We're not perfect and I know that we will have bumps in the road (Murphy) but our eyes are on the prize.