Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Murphy Part 3

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More on the Oven Situation...

We shopped at two stores in our area when it became apparent that we needed to go with Jenn-Air since they only sold our type of stove. Not going to lie, I was bummed out by this fact since I love to bargain shop but when you buy a house with a custom kitchen, you have to pay for the repairs of a custom kitchen.
Here’s the kicker. When you replace a stove and you plan to resell your home (like we plan to do) in the distant future, you also have to think about matching the rest of your appliances.

Since our kitchen was remodeled 15 years ago, we know that our dishwasher and refrigerator will possibly die on us in the future. So now we’re not only planning to replace a stove but we’re also replacing a dishwasher so they match.

It’s slightly frustrating especially when the price tag is now $3,500+ and our debt snowball is the size that it is currently.

 After much discussion, we decided to just repair the current stove and take add on an extra month to our financial freedom goal month of July 2011. That way we can save for the $3,500. If our stove last until we finish our debt snowball and all of Dave’s baby steps – awesome – and if not, well we have a few months to get a head start on saving up for the repairs.

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