Monday, October 11, 2010

Murphy Part 2

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Sorry for the lack of posting...the flu bug has hit me hard. I’ve been battling it for the last week and thought it was out of my system. Not so much.

We have made progress in the oven situation. A repair guy came by the house today and told us that we had two options:

Option A: Repair the oven/computer board for $695 and we should be good for a couple of years. But that's a maybe...

Option B: Buy a new stove

One of the selling points of this house is truly the open dining room and kitchen. The previous owners remodeled the kitchen back in the 90’s and removed a wall that separated both rooms and designed it so the oven sits in the bar area.

Honestly, this is a great feature and a top selling point of the house. I can cook and my guest can watch me (which they do) allowing me to still entertain. With this nice feature comes a hefty price tag (a whopping $2,500) as there is only one brand of stove that we can buy.

Yep – you read that right. Only one which is Jenn-Air and that’s due to the down draft system. Since we have no wall and open space above the oven, the drafting goes under the oven. That’s probably as clear as mud because I really don’t understand it all but get that ventilation is important.

So…that brings me back to the problem, I can’t price compare this time as there is this monopoly on appliances. Again – who knew?  I’ll tell you all more tomorrow since I’m still on medicine but welcome any suggestions on finding a cheaper (yet reliable) solution.

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