Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Double Sale!

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This week was a big day in my Amazon book shop - a double sale day.  Last Saturday, I stopped by the annual Junior League yard sale and scored some brand new books for only $.50 each.  That night, I turned around and sold them for much more.

I think Mr. M questioned my insanity when I brought home 2 bags of books (I only spent $5) as he wondered if I would really get an return on my investment. Within 24 hours of posting the new batch of books, I already sold two of them and more than tripled my "investment" in a short period of time.  It may not be hundreds of dollars but it's little successes that will help us with our debt snowball.


  1. I think this is a great idea! I pick up sewing parts for dresses (bra inserts, stays, etc.) in bargain bins all the time. Usually these are $15.00-20.00. I purchase them for $1-2.00 and then when a client needs a built in for a dress I have them in stock and charge the full price. It is a small thing but it all adds up!

  2. Brilliant, this is the stuff that motivates me :)