Friday, April 8, 2011

Grad School - Part I

Part I

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I’m not sure how many of you know this but I’m also in graduate school while working full time and trying to pay down all of my consumer debt.  A wise person may say – ummm…stop going to school fool so you’ll have more money {I’m sure in a more eloquent way} but I somehow got us in a bind.  Many years ago {2008} I decided that I was going to get my Masters because I realized that in order to move up, I needed a degree no matter how well I did at my job.

So I signed up for the GRE {stupidly paid by Credit Card #1} in March and took the test in April and applied for schools over the summer. That August, I began my Masters program and decide from the start that I would pay for school completely in cash.  Even if it meant that I would be in school forever. My work did reimburse students $1,000 per year up to five years so I totally took advantage of that plan.

You may remember that 2008 was the summer of a gas shortage, the market crash and everything bad with business. It was also the year that my employer STOPPED allowing any more employees to take advantage of the payment reimbursement plan so I am now the only employee receiving this perk.  Thank goodness I was young, stupid and impulsive because every dollar counts.

Fast forward to present day.  I would like to get out of school as the work money will run out next year.  We are moving on our debt snowball at a great pace. I rarely go shopping; cry over food that is wasted {literally}, forgot what a restaurant looked like and will sell anything that isn’t nailed down in my house if Mr. M would let me.  My dilemma now is how am I going to make the rest of my academic degree work financially?

More to come…


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