Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Getting Ready Like It's 1789.

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Last night, we experienced a pretty bad storm that knocked our power out completely which forced us to get creative with candles and flashlights to see our way around this morning. Now I know people waited for the sun to rise before starting their day when they didn't have electricitly - less opportunity to hurt yourself. For once, I had planned our dinner in advance and made crock pot lasagnas last night so we don't have to break our NDO plan. The house is okay but others in our city were pretty damaged from the storm.

This storm does make me want to buy a weather radio since we've had more and more bad weather this spring. Mr. M told me that we should have our power on by this evening which is good because I would hate to loose a refrigerator and freezer full of food. That would not help the Debt Snowball at all.


  1. if you have homeowner's insurance, food spoilage should be covered by your policy, just fyi. might want to give them a call and see.