Monday, April 11, 2011

Grad School Part II

Part II

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The easy answer is to tell me to stop going. Unfortunately, if I stop attending school I then own my employer the $5K that I received in payment.  I also have to finish my degree in 5 years. If I quit my job, I owe them the money so quitting to complete school faster isn’t in the cards. However, if they fire me/lay me off {which I really hope they don’t} then I owe them nothing.

I’m seven classes away from graduation and each class is 1,919 not counting books resulting in $13,433 left. {Sweet Moses!?!} My work owes me $2,000 in reimbursement so I have 11, 433 by the end of 2012.

Not going to lie – I really feel overwhelmed and stupid.  I have applied for scholarships and because of our incomes; I don’t receive any state funding. The school does allow me to pay on a payment program except for the summer session.

They recently created a “Long Summer” session which means that class is the same length as the fall and spring session.  So you would think that paying for this session would be the same right. Nope.

I found out this week that I owe the school $1,919 by May 17th.  On a positive note, May is when I should receive my reimbursement from work.  The only problem is that my work needs to see my grades from this semester to ensure that I didn’t just flunk the class.  Grades come out on May 11th which would require me to beg for HR to speed up this process. I have e-mailed the head of the finance department at my school to see if I could pay half by the 17th and the rest at the end of the month.  Say a prayer for me that they both say yes.

More to come...

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