Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hosed By The Gas Station

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Yesterday, I went to the gas station to put a little gas {ie. less than $10}in my car hoping that it would be enough until payday. I used my debt card instead of cash because I was in a shady area of town as well as in a hurry. This morning, I got slapped with an overdraft fee because the gas company now places a $100 hold on your debit card. This "hold" can last up to three days so I'm now unable to use my debit card or write a check until Friday...which is when I get paid. A seriouse WTH moment and now I'm living completly off the cash that's in my wallet.

I called the bank and they removed the overdraft fee but I'm still angered over the fact that gas stations are doing this to their customers. Does the company have the right to see if my card has money on it? Sure, I guess but to have a $100 hold on a gas station transaction is ridicuolous. 

My goal is now to only pay cash for gas fill ups. As a woman, this makes me nervous so I'm plan to drag Mr. M along.

To read more about this lack-of-customer-service tactic that the gas stations are using, I suggestion you read this great article I found.


  1. It happened to me. I went to a gas station and tried to gas with my card. All i wanted to get was twenty worth and they ran it for $100 and all i had was 70 in my account and it declined it. I was angry but what can you do.

  2. This is the age when no one gets service,just taken advantage of. I got a call from the bank that handles my mortgage today. We do our daily banking at a local Credit Union. But the house bank has an open checking account that I do not use. It is only used for 2 times a month for the house loan and the heloc. Well they informed me that unless I opened a savings account and kept $500.00 in it they would now charge me $8.95 a month. I said so the $223.00 a month you are getting in interest off the house loan and the $250.00 you are getting off the heloc are not enough? I told them to close the account and I would be down the street at their competitor and refinance because I was sure that the other bank would love my interest. The young man called me back and said never mind, we will let you keep your account with no fee. You just have to hate banks and now gas stations!

  3. The banks are terrible. Capitol One is evil. Oil magnates prey on the consumers. No wonder we are in debt.