Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cats and Beds.

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 Who knew that my cats were financially savvy? I mean really. A few weeks ago, Mr. M and I finally bought our cats a cat bed. I say finally due to the fact that we’ve had them for eight years and for some reason now, we decided they need a cat bed. Maybe it was kitty parent guilt but in any case we went to a store, picked out the cat bed that was on sale and brought it home. The thought was maybe our larger cat (and by large – Thomas is 26 pounds) would have a pleasant place to sleep.

Where does this cat sleep? In his comfy new bed you say? No – instead he sleeps on top of a box. A box! Our other cat Copper will not go near the cat bed as he prefers to sleep with us in bed, head on our pillow and under the covers.(I’m not kidding – I sometimes think that this cat was human in a previous life)

You may ask what the moral of this random story is which is simply - if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. My cats are happy being frugal without a luxurious bed and still are content with life. I need to learn how to be more like that, content I mean, with my life.

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