Friday, September 3, 2010

The house that love did not build.

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A few weeks ago I was invite to a friend’s house that she and her husband had recently built over the summer. To be fair, my friend did not want the house but her husband did and therefore they went into debt to build their retirement “dream” home.

I would like to tell you that the house is lovely but it isn’t. Now it has all the glitz and glamour that one would want. The house is in a gated community, with a beautiful brick front, three stories on 5 acres with a three car garage - fabulous right? Not really. While on the outside, it looks grand but on the inside it is really quite sad.

There is not a living room in this house for the family to get together {they have two children} or a dining room for everyone to eat in. Apparently the husband took it out of the design. This may not be a big deal to you at first but there is no opportunity to entertain guest or family in the future

There is only one TV in the house that you can watch from the single recliner located in the den. Not a couch or a bunch of chairs – just a recliner. No impromptu family time for this group. This is just on the tip of the iceberg but I realized that while she is taking me on the tour, she doesn’t see that the issues within her family are displayed publicly by the design of their house.

Should they have gone into debt to build this house? No. Do I think they will last as a couple? I hope so. It goes to show that money really can not buy you happiness. Also, you must get your personal differences out of the way when taking on a large project like building a house in order to turn it into a home.

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