Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facebook - People for Middle Class American

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Back in the days of my fancy free spending, I never really cared how many photos were posted of me on Facebook. Not to sound egotistical – I did care that they showed me in a positive light but I never had to worry about my clothes. Yes, I said it, clothes. Very superficial yes but now that people can upload photos in a drop of a hat, you do need to pay attention to what you are wearing when you are out and I don’t mean to the nearest bar. I mean out of your house in general.

I say this because now that I am now focused on spending little as possible, my wardrobe no longer varies as it used as in earlier years. Today, when I saw that my friends posted photos from a benefit last month and a college alumni event a week prior, I was wearing the same black dress. The same dress, ironically, that I was currently wearing at the moment I saw those photos before I had to give a speech at a local in which I was going to have my photo taken. Those photos, I am sure, will be posted tomorrow.

It’s the curse of the basic black dress.
I cannot be the only one with this problem but since Facebook is People for Middle Class America - you tend to notice if your friends are being photographed in the same clothing over and over again. Where is Rachel Zoe when you need her?

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