Monday, November 21, 2011

A few updates.

First, we decided to take the windfall $ and put it towards debt. While talking to our accountant, it looks like we will receive an estimated $6,000 after taxes. Here’s the skeleton budget:

 Car: $2,540.39
CC #3: 1,919.80
Non-Profit Pledge: $500
New Clothes: $500*
Insurance: $450
Savings towards paint job for car: $90**

*New clothes = new suits. The dress for this job is at a higher standard than my current position and I only have one suit. My goal is NOT to spend this much but since I haven’t purchased a new wardrobe since 2004, my clothes are pretty faded and it’s time for some newer classic items.

**Savings towards paint job – Beaker (the nickname for my little red car) is having some paint issues and I’m afraid if I don’t fix it soon, we’ll have a bigger problem to deal with down the road. I plan to drive this car for a while now that it’s paid off and hopefully a new paint job will extend the life of the car.

Also, Mr. M agreed to have the surgery. He’s calling today to see if December 21st will work which means he’s out for traveling for Christmas. However, since we’re trying to keep this infertility on the DL, this allows him to avoid the several questions that come for being out of the office for two weeks. The college slows down during Christmas break so hopefully no one will really miss him.


  1. The only one that would need to know about the reasons for him being out would be HR in his workplace, and that would be confidential. Hope the time off works, as well as the surgery!

    Does the windfall mean that the car and CC are paid off? If so, that's wonderful! Taxes are a real pain when it comes to bigger sums of money...

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