Tuesday, November 1, 2011



This year – I celebrate with a grand total of $5.20 (sale and coupons) spent on over 200 +  pieces of candy. My plan was if we run out, then we just run out and I'm not going to feel guilty about it. We had trick-o-treaters for about 3 hours and still had candy left over. Instead of hosting a BYOC, I just invited a neighbor over to hand out candy and drink wine - a very relaxing night.

Tomorrow is R-Day – the day I plan to resign. I am working on getting everything personal off my computer in case they decide to freeze it. It would just be my luck that they would do that to me.

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  1. Also make sure you modify any email forwards you have set, change any subscriptions (like newsletters) and any personal passwords you may have had. Are you giving two weeks' notice? If so, I doubt they'd freeze your machine, but you never know. Make sure to get all recommendation letters and such info in as well. Best of luck! Let us know how that goes and how you're doing it.