Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Test Results

We found out today that Mr. M's results did not improve from the last time. I have a sinking feeling that when we meet with the doctor that their suggestion will be ICSI.

I can hear our snowball rolling to a stop…


  1. Sorry to hear that! Just keep your priorities in line and your goals by you so that you know where you want to be. Best of luck with that Dr talk.

  2. You will have a child, just hang in there and keep a positive attitude. I know this is very hard. I had 9 pregnancies and I have 3 living children. I know you are thinking well at least she got pregnant. I would not even take a sleeper to the hospital when our 4th daughter was born. I made no preparations to bring a baby home. I called a girl friend who had just had twins a boy and a girl and asked her to send a newborn sleeper for each sex to the hospital with my husband because I could not bear the thought of leaving with clothes that would not be worn. Trust me you will have a child, it might not be the way you want but it will happen. Chin up!

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  4. I am a new reader...and will need to go back to the beginning to catch up on the whole story. But I did got through years of infertility. I have living twins....and I have a set of twins and a singleton that we lost.

    Don't lose hope.