Friday, November 4, 2011

Plans for Carmen Sandiego

R-day was pretty successful and my boss took the new pretty well but I do have an enormous to-do list now before I leave.

I’m blessed by the people who are sad to see me go and genuinely mean what they say. It was nice that my Airport and Budget Director took a moment to call me to say that I’ll be missed. My leaving is bittersweet for me because I thought I’d always stay in local government but know that if I don’t take this opportunity that I’ll kick myself down the road.

My new boss – we’ll call her Jay – is getting my schedule ready for the month of December. I’ve dubbed my first full week the Carmen Sandiego week since I’m traveling so much.

On another note, please say a prayer for Mr. M and I as we’ll find out his test results in the next few days. I know the waiting is taking a toll on him and I pray that our results turn out better than we expected.


  1. Done, great future ahead of you! I am excited.

  2. Sending good thoughts your way for the test results, and I hope you enjoy your new workplace it's exciting to make this change!