Thursday, November 10, 2011

You Only Live Once.

I find this saying so very true - we really only do live once and should not take a day for granted.
This past weekend my family got together for brunch which is the first time we've all seen each other as a group since my father's con artists incident.  It wasn't easy but I'm glad that we did it before the Thanksgiving holiday. There's no need to bring family drama to my Grandmother's house.
Today starts the last full week of work. It's very surreal and I am so happy that God has provided me this new position.  The gossip mill is running today as there is a rumor that my boss is about to be fired. I find this to be very sad because I actually do like her and hate that she's the hot topic of the water cooler chatter.

Tomorrow I meet with HR to discuss my insurance and next steps with my retirement plan as well as any other paperwork. Any suggestions from the blogger world on what to expect?

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