Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to say goodbye?

In a few short weeks I will be handing in my resignation to a place that I’ve spent 51/2 years of my life. This wasn’t a decision that I took lightly as it truly fell out of the sky back in late July/early August and I want to make sure that I leave on a good note. It would really upset me if I feel in November when I leave that the time and dedication that I gave this place was for nothing.

So I’m trying to set the best exit strategy that I can as I transition from this position to my new job. Since my job is in the public sector (and in the public eye), I know that my leaving will be scrutinized so it’s important on my end to keep my emotions in check and not do what this girl did even though it's a little funny.
I’ve mentally worked on an e-mail that I plan to send as soon as I turn in my notice. Due to the joys of social media, e-mail, etc., I have found that people are not hyper-sensitive in finding out the “breaking news” from their friends and feel that they should always know before the general public.
For some reason I am becoming more anxious as November 2nd approaches. Maybe it’s because this is a giant leap out of my comfort zone. I keep repeating the mantra of Trust and Obey over and over again as I do believe that this move is in God’s hands.


  1. Best of luck with that process! Keep us informed on how it goes. It surely isnt easy, but it may be a very well deserved move.

    PS: I remember seeing that video (it was a hoax as expected, pretty good actress though).

  2. all the best for the changeover to the new job, it's an exciting time and a great opportunity!

  3. Changes can be gut wrenching, but many times they lead to wonderful adventures! Best of luck to you!