Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cold Cuts


I will forever associate cold cut sandwiches with infertility.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was attending an infertility seminar to see what options we had at our nearby clinic and to get the $250 gift certificate. A dinner of cold cut sandwiches were provided by the pharmaceutical reps of the expensive fertility drugs which I found ironic – provided an infertile a meal that a woman who is pregnant can’t enjoy.

The doctor was very informative and told everyone the cost of the different options at the clinic: IUI - $400 to $800, IVF - $12,000…and so on. I sat there (by myself mind you since Mr. M had to work) surrounded by a packed room of couples with the same issue as me but felt very much alone.

Later in the evening, when I was retelling my experience to Mr. M about the session we somehow got on the car conversation. He wasn’t thrilled at my suggestion to not use Bank of Mom as we saw that the used car that he would like is in the $20K range ($20 K!?!? Can you hear my hand hitting my forehead on this one?)

Normally we’re on the same page with money until this hiccup. It wasn’t until that I pointed out that his “new” car could be the money that we need for treatments until he finally got off the car kick. Thank you to Out of My Window for pointing out the increased insurance costs. I'll have to used that if the conversation comes up again.

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