Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Roof!

 Thank you for your kind and supportive comments over the last few days. I’m still having issues with Blogger allowing me to post on some blogs and not all (including my own) this week. Today started with a racket as our roof is being worked on today. They’re calling for snow/freezing rain staring tomorrow so we need them to finish by this evening.

No pressure guys…no pressure.

Since we’ve started stockpiling money for the new roof (100% of it coming out of pocket…lucky us), Mr. M and I are having a little bit of snowball reduction withdrawal. In our bedroom, we have a small white board that I update numbers on so we can see daily where we stand on taking down our snowball. The number was aggressively moving until a few months ago when it screeched to a snails pace. However, having Mr. M complain to me is a positive sign as it shows that he’s still in this battle 100%. Cross your fingers today that we get the roof done!


  1. A good company should finish in two days if not one. Good luck and great on paying immediately.

  2. Hopefully they not only finish the work on time, but they do a good job and dont try to rush while taking shortcuts and doing substandard quality of work!