Monday, October 3, 2011

Feels like Fall

It’s finally feeling like fall with the crisp cool weather in the morning, the beautiful blue skies and gorgeous colors of the leaves. October is truly one of my favorite months as the weather is always close to perfect.

I am also excited about this month as we will have some changes going on in the M household. The first is our roof which should go on this weekend. We’ve saved at least 50% last month for the payment and will only need to tap into our emergency fund for the other half if the money is due this week. If we’re sent a bill, then we’ll save more from this coming paycheck and less of our emergency fund. Bottom line- the less of the emergency fund we use, the less we have to save up before attacking our Debt Snowball.

On the family front, Mr. M will have another test done to determine what our next steps will be this month. Tomorrow, I’m attending a financial session for the local infertility clinic here and was told by a friend that I should receive a $250 treatment voucher for giving them an hour of my time. $250 is still $250 which can help chip away what could be a $40K medical bill.

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  1. I hate to see you go through this. But good luck.