Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shampoo Challenge

Last December, I found a great deal on Hip2Save on how to get Herbal Essence Gift Packages for free (yeah for rebate $) and ended up buying several. Mr. M and I used them until June of this year and decided to challenge ourselves to see if we could go rest of the year without spending any money on shampoo.

So far, as Charlie Sheen would say, we’re winning. Since we had a small container of little hotel bottles and a few great coupons for free products, we’ve made it all the way to the middle of October. With two and half months left, we still plan to see if we can do this all the way until the end of December.

This may seem silly to you but it has helped us ( reduce our shampoo usage and I feel like we’re helping our debt snowball by coming with creative ways to save money.

How are you being creative in saving your money?

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