Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I began this morning’s post telling you that my stomach was in knots as we planned to meet with the bank this afternoon concerning our mortgage. Then, my husband sent me a text stating that the bank had cancelled on us.


Originally, wehad this meeting and our meeting with the Reproduction Endocrinologist on the same day. Then the bank moved up our time and we cancelled the appointment with the RE.

I simply could scream. The beauty of getting a new job is a chance of pace and new challenges. However, I will be uninsured for the month of December. This means no trips to the doctor, RE for anything. So we’re trying to get this appointment in before November 30th.

Trust in obey…trust and obey…I keep saying these words over and over in my head.


  1. Don't you just hate that?! I've had to do that (though not for a bank). I think that was somewhat disrespectful of them to cancel up on you... shows you how much they really care and appreciate your business, eh? I know that bankers have lives too, but they also have several other people who could attend you and at least make an attempt to let you know ASAP. Sorry to hear all that mess, hope it gets better soon.

  2. I predict you will get pregnant in December because you are uninsured! that is what happened to me.:)